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I work differently

I design and develop websites and webapplications. I also give workshops and offer commercial support.

If you are a customer, you can access the Support Center here.

Webapplications $0-$6000*

I develop webapplications on October CMS. Some (paid and free) webapplications are available as plugins on the October CMS marketplace, others are custom made for preferred clients.

October marketplace

* custom development starts at $500 and is limited to preferred clients

October CMS FREE*

With the open-source Content Management Framework, October CMS, you are in full control of your business. You can install this free software yourself with any webhost (including me) in combination with my themes or plugins. Enjoy complete freedom with full (commercial) support in english or dutch!

Product website

* open-source

Webdesign $100-$6000*

I design themes that you can buy through the October CMS Marketplace and other sites. If you are a webdesigner, you can use and modify my themes for your own clients.

I design and develop bespoke websites for preferred customers.

October CMS

* custom design starts at $1500 and is limited to preferred clients


Please visit the Support Center to contact me.

Stop supporting the mass manipulation of national politics by multi-billion dollar multinationals like Google or Facebook that operate without any democratic accountability.

Use Linux MintOS, the FireFox browser, the DuckDuckGo search engine, Signal messenger, Mastodon Social Network, FastMail or ProtonMail and VPN or the TOR network. There are even Linux smartphones from different brands! Support small companies. Go local.
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